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CHED Comm. Defensor extols CSC for sustaining quality, excellence
Commissioner Nenalyn P. Defensor of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) commended the Catanduanes State Colleges (CSC) for its adherence to quality and excellence in higher education.WELL-DONE -- CHED Commissioner Nenalyn P. Defensor (right) rounds up her chairmanship in the CSC Board of Trustees as she commends the school's adherence to quality and excellence and hopes for its sustained development. CSC President Asetre (left) likewise lauds Commissioner Defensor's full support to the institution and efficiency in presiding the governing board. (CSC PR file photo/ GMA's visit to CSC)

The Commissioner, who also serves as chairperson of the CSC Board of Trustees, thanked the CSC for “being all these years a supporting partner of quality and excellence in higher education.”

Defensor made her statement during the recent fourth quarter meeting of CSC BOT at CHED Central Office in Diliman, Quezon City. She is soon to be assigned in other state colleges and universities following the rotation of chairmanships of CHED Commissioners to the board of trustees and regents of state-run higher education institutions.

“As chairperson of the governing board of the Catanduanes State Colleges, I would like to believe that I have done my modest part to turn your school into a better higher education institution than when I came on August 1, 2005.”

Commissioner Defensor added that she has always been supportive of CSC by sharing the various programs and projects of CHED under its Higher Education Development Fund.

“You were able to receive money to upgrade your computers, laboratory equipment, and library books. Then, there was a year that we have given support fund in order not to increase tuition and other fees as well as fund for accreditation. You were also identified as Provincial Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries and Center of Development in Teacher Education,” the Commissioner further added.

Dr. Asuncion V. Asetre, CSC President and vice chairman of the CSC BOT said that Commissioner Defensor helped the CSC acquire some 11.8 million pesos grant from CHED Higher Education Development Fund.

The CSC President said these HEDF fund grant were: P180,000.00 for the purchase of tools and equipment for the Training on Abaca Production project (November 29, 2005); P1,907,360.00 for the Tuition Fee Support Fund to compensate for the non-increase in tuition and other fees for SY 2006-2007 (June 6, 2006); P1,000,000.00 for the Knowledge Based Projects for SUCs (June 22, 2006); P500,000.00 for the enhancement of instruction through acquisition of instructional materials and equipment (July 20, 2006);

P50,000.00 for the Preliminary Survey Assistance for Accreditation (November 14, 2006); P150,000.00 for the Institutional Development Assistance for Accreditation (IDAA) to support the library/laboratory facilities (November 14, 2006); P489,300.00 for the CHED Integrated Research Utilization Program (IRUP) for the University Network with Local Government for Agricultural Development (UNLAD) - Tilapia Hatchery project (December 20, 2006);

P1,500,000.00 for laboratory equipment for the Science Laboratory Building of the College of Arts and Sciences (October 31, 2007); P4,060,000.00 for Student Assistance Fund for Education (July 8, 2008); P1,000,000.00 laboratory equipment for Nursing and School of Midwifery (October 28, 2008) and P250,000.00 for the upgrading of College of Agriculture facilities as CHED recognized Provincial Institute of Agriculture (PIA) (September 29, 2010).

Chairman Defensor also commended President Asetre for ably steering the institution. She said the CSC President is one of the best presidents among state universities and colleges under her chairmanship. She also thanked the members of the CSC BOT for the smooth meetings.

Under the rules of Higher Education Modernization Act of 1997, the CHED Chairman is authorized to designate a CHED Commissioner as the regular Chairperson to the Board of a university or college and shall act as the presiding officer. Commissioner Defensor served as chairperson of CSC BOT since August 2005.

The CHED Commissioner promised that the projects granted to CSC will continue and expressed hope that the school will strive more to achieve quality education, carry on to sustain excellence in all its programs and reach its long-term goal in the succeeding years. (GSRubio/PR and Information Services)